About programme
Fundamental Informatics and Information Technologies programme will provide you with knowledge and skills necessary to develop complex software systems for different applications.

This programme is designed in such a way to equip you with fundamentals of computer science, which allows for easy integration in fast developing information environment. You will be taught by very professional team of professors awarded Cisco certificates.

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1st year
Base Math Module:
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Linear Algebra
  • Calculus
  • Base Programming Major
  • Liberal Arts Module 1
  • Russian Language
  • Freshman Immigration Module
  • PE Electives
2nd year
Advanced Math Module:
  • Computational Math
  • Probability
  • Differential and Integral Calculus
Programming Module:
  • Digital System Architecture
  • Object Oriented Programming (OOP C++)
  • Algorithm Design and Analysis
  • Database Applications
  • Business Process Design
  • Russian Language
  • Liberal Arts Module 2
  • PE Electives
3rd year*
Advanced Programming Module:
  • Formal Languages, Automata and Computability
  • Operating Systems
  • Computer Networks
  • Languages of Programming
  • Graphical User Interface Programming
  • Web Development
  • Parallel Computing
  • Object Oriented Design and Analysis
Applied Math Module:
  • Integration and Approximation
  • Simulation Modeling
  • System Analysis
  • Physics for Computer Science
  • Preparation for Thesis
  • Russian Language
  • PE Electives
4th year*
  • Introduction to IT Law
  • Software Engineering
  • Computer Security
  • Corporate Information System
  • Intelligent System
  • UNIX Programming Module
  • Project Work
  • Bachelor Thesis
*You need to choose 4 additional courses from following:
  • Computer Graphics
  • IOS Application Development
  • Administrator System
  • Quality Assurance
  • Software Requirements Management
  • Human Machine Interface
  • Oracle Database
Admission requirements
Tuition Fee
Tuition Fee: 280 000 RUB (4 150$, 3 651€)*
Exam practise
Exam practise
Required documents
Academic year start 1 September 2016 and ends on 31 June 2017
Here is the information which can help you to understand the admissions procedures in TSU:
  1. Admission for the September 2016 intake starts on April 01, 2016. Since this date we start to accept new applications, until the end of July 2016. The documents which every applicant must submit with his/her application are:
    • A scaned copy of his/her university or high school diploma/graduate certificate. If the program of study is going to be in English, then the documents can be either in English or Russian. If the program is going to be in Russian, then you have to translate your education documents in Russian;
    • A copy of applicants passport in English or Russian, regardless the language of study;
    • Filled application form (it is sent after receiving education documents and passport);
  2. After the documents are received by us from the applicant, we schedule the date of examination for students, the examination is held on 'Skype'. There are two compulsory examinations which all future students have to pass. One of them is a language proficiency exam, and the other is main subject exam. The examination is not severe and aims to evaluate the candidates basic knowledge of the subject and his possibility to grasp future education program (ability to understand the language and communicate with other people, as well as ability to understand the main subject of study).
  3. In case if the student starts with a preparatory faculty (language study), there is no exams to be initially passed. However, after the preparation course and before starting a degree course, the exams must be still passed.
  4. After the exams or in case of preparatory faculty after the admissions, future students should pay for the first semester of study in advance. When fees for the first semester are paid, we send an invitation letter to a student and then he/she can apply for russian student visa and come to Tomsk State University to start his/her studies.
Our professors
Aleksey Erokhin
Michail Ovsyannikov
Ivan Kudryavtsev
Students community
Winter IT School
Software engineering is a very complex subject, which requires a lot of time to be learned well. Nevertheless, we thought it is a great idea to acquire some basic knowledge, share experience with each other in the setting of the IT winter school. Where else but in Siberia one can experience a real winter and combine it with some practical activities. Watch this video to see what our experiment looked like!
Summer IT School

Recent graduates practicing object-oriented design usually face a lot of сhallenges, which require many efforts to solve them. Often those can be avoided if young professionals are familiar with the solutions offered by experienced specialists.During our summer school we will demonstrate some typical challenges and the ways of detecting them. Moreover, we are going to share with you some “dos” and “don’ts” in handling any of the occurred issues. Within 2 weeks you will study many interesting object-oriented analysis and design techniques, which will be of great benefit to you in your future. We will focus on: requirements’ management, software architecture design, object-oriented analysis and design, and some other. The lectures will be held by the young CS Master’s students who currently also work as the main TSU developers.

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Summer IT School
Summer IT School
Our alumni
Daniel Tutubalin
Senior Client-Side Developer at Goodgame Studios
Dmitry Bimatov
Software Developer at Microsoft
Pavel Pristupa
Software Developer at QuantumSoft
Evgeniy Agafonov
Software Development Engineer II at Microsoft
Roman Chadnov
Software Engeneer at Facebook
Maksim Bondarenko
Co-founder Songwaiter at INERDS
Renata Pozhidaeva
Lead Developer at RevenueWell
Roman Malakhov
CEO & Founder at bombsquare and ZOOM
Sergey Kondratyev
Site Reliability Engineer at Google
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